Small but mighty:
Thimblelina's got you covered!

Small but mighty: Thimblelina's got you covered!

About Thimblelina

“Hi there! I’m Mary, a thimble collector. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a delightful shoe box filled with nearly 200 thimbles! The thimble collection had been generously donated to a local children’s charity center, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to give these precious little tools a new home.

That’s why I asked my daughter to help me create a website where I could share these unique thimbles with other collectors and enthusiasts. While I thoroughly enjoy collecting thimbles, I realized that I didn’t need to keep all the thimbles from the shoe box for myself. With this new website, I can share my passion for thimbles with others and continue my search for even more charming additions to my collection! 

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